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The Reagan Diaries


I’m currently reading it. Interesting to read of the day-to-day details of being president. President Ronald Reagan, who passed away in 2004, spoke of the countless daily meetings, briefings, budget talks, debates and personal affairs. Among them:

Increasing defense spending, which had been neglected.

Getting his tax cut plan implemented.

Endless budget meetings and battles. It’s ironic how he and former House Speaker Tip O’Neill could be such bitter political foes but good friends otherwise.

Dealing with delicate international situations, such as the Middle East.

Helping countries in Central and South America stop communist aggression.

Meeting with Jerry Lewis to discuss Lewis’ MDA telethon and meeting a young girl who suffered from muscular dystrophy.

Dealing with loneliness whenever his wife, Nancy, would leave the White House.

The anguish of family issues, such as son Ron Reagan wanting to sign off on secret service protection and the president’s concern of what if he’s kidnapped.

I hope someday to add The Reagan Diaries, along with Reagan In His Own Hand and When Character Was King to my library.

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