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Showdown between North Korean, American ships

Somehow, I don’t think the theme song to The Love Boat will be playing when these two ships meet.

The Navy destroyer U.S.S. John McCain* is soon to intercept the North Korean ship Kang Nam–which is said to have nuclear weapons and technology.

The Navy destroyer, I understand, will request permission to board. The Kang Nam, of course, will, no doubt, no sooner grant that request than it would launch missiles to Pyongyang (North Korea’s capital).

I guess we’ll know soon if North Korean leader Kim Jong Il (also known as Kim Jong Mentally Ill) is crazy enough to launch a nuke against America.

Yes, I believe he’s an irrational man, something very common among dictators who are surrounded by “yes men” and have nobody to answer to, but I have to think he won’t launch a nuclear missile against an American target unless we do it first. Or unless Trey Parker and Matt Stone (creators of South Park) make another Team America: World Police movie.

* The ship is actually named after Arizona Senator John McCain’s father and grandfather.

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