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Rush Limbaugh: Slow day at the Flint Journal?

When comments Rush Limbaugh makes about Flint warrant front-page coverage, then you know it’s a slow day at the Flint Journal.

Genesee County Treasurer Daniel Kildee apparently has never met a Limbaugh quote that he hasn’t wanted to take out of context. Here’s a link to Rush’s monologue explaining what he said.

And here’s a link to the original comments, including Rush’s conversation with a caller from Flushing, Mich. (which is just outside Flint).

From what I’ve gathered, whether Kildee or Limbaugh suggested bulldozing parts of the city, it’s not a bad idea. I’ve driven into Flint many times (mostly on business) and these days, I only venture into my wife’s birthplace only when it’s absolutely necessary. Lots of urban decay. Would it be better to tear down places that are no doubt used for disreputable or criminal means or to keep investing dead money into them? Do you prune dead, decaying or useless branches from a tree or let them continue sapping away nutrients?

I think lots of people don’t understand Rush’s style of humor, which often is to point out absurdity by being absurd.

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