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Stallworth drives drunk, kills someone, receives slapped on wrist

I’m wondering where this will go. Years ago, I wrote a column on drunk driving and received an angry e-mail from a Wynonna Judd fan (Ms. Judd, I pointed, out, had been arrested for DUI). More recently, someone e-mailed me about my thoughts on former Chicago Bears QB Bob Avellini’s DUI charges being dismissed (again).

And now, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth has been let off the proverbial hook.

Stallworth pled guilty to a Florida DUI manslaughter charge. On March 14, authorities say Stallworth left a hotel bar after and then crashed into 59-year-old construction worker Mario Reyes, killing Reyes. According to tests, Stallworth’s blood-alcohol level was at .126–about 1.5 times above the legal limit.

If convicted, he could’ve faced up to 15 years in prison. Instead, he received 10 years’ probation, 1,000 hours of community service and a paltry 30 days in jail.

Stallworth, the report says, also reached a confidential financial settlement with Reyes’ family.

If and when Stallworth will return to the NFL is anyone’s guess. I remember, as a Dallas Cowboys fan, Michael Irvin avoided prison time for cocaine possession and was given five years’ probation and suspended five games by the NFL. What punishment will the NFL enforce? I don’t know.

Adam “Pacman” Jones had to sit out a year in the NFL for numerous legal infractions, not one of them DUI.

I swear, in this country, if you have money, you can buy your way out of just about anything. True, Phil Spector’s in prison, but then you have the O.J. Simpsons (for the murder trial), Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, and on and on and on.

I have a family member who was killed earlier this decade by a drunk driver. The driver pled guilty and received 15 years in prison. The difference? The drunk driver was an illegal Mexican immigrant who couldn’t afford high-priced lawyers. That’s about it.

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