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Crazy things happening in Iran

So, it looks like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is once again the president of Iran, thereby guaranteeing that country will remain in the ninth century (minus the text messaging and nuclear technology for “peaceful” means, of course).

Many Iranians, especially the younger generation who backed opposition candidates, allege fraud on Ah-Mad’s part.

I get this strange feeling that by 2020, Iran will undergo a full-blown revolution that could collapse the Islamic regime that currently rules the country.

Vice President Joe Biden says there will be dialogues with Iran. Mr. VP, is it asking too much to insist to Iran no talks will take place until Iran recognizes Israel as an independent, sovereign nation? What’s the point of holding talks when the country in question (i.e., Iran) doesn’t listen to reason? The crazies that run Iran want two things: the destruction of Israel and the destruction of America.

Years ago, while donating plasma in San Antonio, I encountered an Iranian immigrant. Beautiful lady, and somewhere I have a notebook where she wrote my name in Farsi. She told me she came to America from Iran via Germany. “Why did you leave Iran?” I asked.

She replied: “Because women are treated like dirt in Iran.”

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