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Kim Jong-Il, Jim Morrison and other thoughts

Yes, I think North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il is crazy. I also think he conducted his recent nuclear test as a way of testing the West to see what he can get away with. I’m curious to see what President Obama’s response will be…

…I’m reading a biography on Jim Morrison, the late lead singer of The Doors. Morrison died at 27 back in 1971 and would be 65 if he were still alive. The book, The Lizard King, describes Morrison as a cerebral man whose inteligence made him bored with life. When I look at Morrison, all I can think is what a sad waste of talent. He was a gifted thinker and poet, and because of his untimely death* we’ll never know how far he could’ve gone.

* French authorities officially ruled Morrison’s death a heart attack, but other reports say Morrison accidentally snorted heroin thinking it was cocaine and that the heroin combined with his alcoholic stupor led to his death. We’ll never know for sure since the only witness, his girlfriend Pamela Courson, died in 1974 at 27 and never really revealed those last moments…

…No full-time job yet, but I’m sending out resumes, applying for jobs online and calling people to nudge them. We’ll see what happens.

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