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Will Joe Biden be on 2012 Obama ticket?

I’m starting to think the answer’s an emphatic, resounding No.

A new book by Richard Wolffe reports that President Barack Obama has become weary of Vice President Joe Biden’s public gaffes and has told him, more or less, to keep his mouth closed.

Renegade: The Making of a President will be released June 2.

Telling people to stay off all airplanes and–allegedly–leaking the location of a top-secret VP hideout make former VP Dan Quayle’s misspelling of the word “potato”* seem mild in comparison.

* In his autobiography Standing Firm, Quayle described a visit to a school where he was given a card containing correctly-spelled words and advised to use them to judge a student on their spelling. The student spelled potato correctly, but on the card given to Quayle by the teacher, the vegetable was spelled potatoe. True, potato takes on an e when pluralized, but Quayle readily admitted in his book that spelling isn’t one of his strong suits.

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