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24 season finale


I found this one to be, well, different. I must admit that probably my favorite 24 season finale was the end of Day Five where Jack is taken to China by Cheng Zhi as revenge for his part in the botched kidnapping that resulted in the death of a Chinese official (attention, 24 producers, please find a way to work Tzi Ma back into the script. He’s so far my favorite 24 villain).

As we watched the two-hour season finale, there was a retread of a common 24 story line along with a retread of a common television and movie idea.

Jack is threatened with the death of his daughter if he doesn’t give Tony Almeida over to the bad guys. So, Jack turns rogue cop and forces the others at gunpoint to let him and Tony get away. Sigh. Hasn’t this been done to death already?

Then, we find out Tony’s true intentions. First we thought he was a villain. Then we realized he was a double agent. Then we realized he was a triple agent. Turns out, he was a quadruple agent. His intent was to get to the top of the bad guy list by pretending to be a rogue who had everyone believing he worked for them and then that he was a traitor. So, Tony finally gets the Head Honcho Alan Wilson (played by Will Patton) where he wants him and then, instead of killing him to avenge the death of his wife Michelle and their unborn son, he goes through a lengthy explanation of how and why he’s done what he did. And, yes, as Tony prepares to pull the trigger, he is shot by cops who take the Head Honcho into custody. If this Talkative, “Why and How I did it” criminal sounds familiar, it’s pretty much what we’ve seen in Diagnosis: Murder.

So, the season ends with Jack getting a bone marrow transplant from his once-estranged daughter and Tony being taken off to jail and with agent Renee Walker (played by Anne Wersching) closing off a room to confront Wilson, a la Jack Bauer. We presume she’ll torture him into giving up the others in his secret society. Perhaps through broken fingers, electricity or endless reruns of Seinfeld.*

What does next season hold? I wonder if we’ll see the kid who played Behrooz in Season 4 resurface as a terrorist who wants revenge on Jack. This and we have no concrete proof that Jack’s terrorist Dad is actually dead.

Yes, I know that some think the show’s been going too soft on Islam lately, but if every season featured threats by Muslims, that would get old also.

* Yes, I hated Seinfeld and think it’s the most overrated, unfunny “comedy” in television history. And since I love to laugh, I’m not being a stick-in-the-mud.

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