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Oil prices creeping up

I paid $2.45 today for gas in Arbela Township, Michigan, outside Millington.

When are we going to start drilling off shore? When will we cut through the bureaucracy and start drilling for the oil that’s in places like Utah, Colorado and Wyoming?

I don’t have a link, but one article I saw recently in the Beeville Bee-Picayune stated that if we drilled now, we could be completely independent of foreign oil by 2020.

I’d love to have to pay only $1.00 for a gallon of gas, perhaps even less.

In his campaign, President Obama brushed off suggestions of drilling for oil here, saying it would take years to get it to market.

Mr. President, we’ve wanted to do this drilling for years and years and years. If we’d started years ago, we could have cheap gas prices by now.

I, for one, don’t want to pay $4.30 per gallon again for gas. Can’t afford to, either.

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