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Feedback from my satirical blog

One of the funnest things about writing satire is seeing how many people understand it’s satire and how many completely miss the boat. I thought I’d post some comments I’ve received recently from my satirical blog, Ponderings from Pluto.

A recent story “reported” Van Halen drummer Alex Van Halen announcing the band’s new album would be called Encore. One reader wrote, “Haven’t they waited long enough to put out some new material?  Sheesh.  Giving “Gun’s N’ Roses” a run for their money.”

(In fairness, VH was sidelined by not having a lead singer and with Eddie Van Halen’s alcohol and substance abuse problems).

Then there was the posting about how a judge ruled against 80’s infomercial legend Santo Gold in his attempt to legally prohibit a singer from using the name Santogold. First came this comment, presumably from Santo Rigatuso, a.k.a. Santo Gold, a.k.a. Bob Harris:

1. First of all, the Court case was filed in NYC in The Southern District Federal Court and not in Md.
2. There is only one Santo Gold and that is Santo Rigatuso and he will continue to own the name as he has since the early 80s.
3. Santi White will, must and certainly be prohibited from using the name Santo Gold.

Then came this response from someone named “Albert Mond returns”: The Anonymous poster was clearly Mr. Rigatuso. Rigatuso, if you’re reading this, please, shut your whiny, scamming trap.

And then this posting satirized KISS rocker Gene Simmons’ business savvy and reported (falsely, of course), that he planned to trademark the letter “E”. Apparently, Simmons fans didn’t read the satire disclaimer. Here’s what they had to say:

You’re an idiot…That’s the biggest piece of crap I’ve ever read…

Another said:

This is a fictious blog. Gene Simmons has not and would not do such an idiotic thing. Ps I have trademarked the pressing of keys on a keyboard. You owe me !

Two other responders used lots of profanity in their response, so I’d rather not repeat it here.

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