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“Worst dead-beat dad” pleads guilty

In my time, I’ve known some deadbeat dads. One was in arrears for more than $20,000 and was later arrested. Then I spoke to a police officer in Oakland County who works for Friend of the Court and tracks down these violators. He told me $20k is chump change compared to some of the cases he’s worked on.

Well, now there’s another one.

Former professional baseball player Troy Lee Neel pled guilty to leaving the U.S. to avoid paying back child support.

Neel played baseball for the Oakland Athletics and later in the Japanese leagues. He moved to Vanuatu in the South Pacific. Neel, who reportedly disputes the amount of money owed, apparently was forced to face the music when the U.S. refused to renew his passport; he then traveled to Australia (which has an extradition treaty with the U.S.) and then to America.

I don’t know the exact price tag, but it’s truly a sad story.

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