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Few random ramblings

The Washington Times quoted Senator Arlen Specter as saying–or at least, very strongly implying–that if the Republicans had been proactive in health care research, the late former Senator (and former GOP vice presidential candidate) Jack Kemp would still be alive.

Specter also suggested he’d still be with the GOP if not for his disillusionment with how they ran health care.

Right. And President Barack Obama will soon change his party affiliation to Republican…

…My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those injured when the Dallas Cowboys practice facility roof collapsed. I frequent a discussion board, and the first person to offer their thoughtful words was a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Cowboys fans, please remember that the next time the Eagles suffer a tragedy, such as the untimely death of defensive lineman Jerome Brown. If not for his death in 1992, Brown most certainly would’ve gone to the NFL Hall of Fame. As a Cowboys fan, I also think Brown would have a championship ring or two…

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