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David Souter’s retiring from the U.S. Supreme Court

I remember attending a youth conference in the Dallas area in 1990 when they announced President George H.W. Bush had nominated David Souter for the U.S. Supreme Court. Many thought Souter was a conservative.

Man, were we played like a violin by Yo Yo Ma.

Conservatives like myself want conservatives on the bench to be replaced by conservatives. Chief Justice William Rehnquist (who’s now deceased) was replaced by John Roberts. The not-really-conservative Sandra Day O’Connor was replaced by Samuel Alito. So, it’s unreasonable to hope President Obama will replace David Souter (who has indeed turned out to be a liberal) with a conservative. If you think that, then you probably also think the Detroit Lions wil win the Super Bowl this year. Expect someone who’s, at the very best, slightly left of center. Some say it could be a woman since Ruth Bader Ginsburg is in declining health and may have to also retire soon.

I do hope the Republicans in Congress will, for once in their careers, show some moxie by asking tough questions of the nominee and voting against them if necessary. Anyone remember how then-Senator Obama tried to filibuster Alito, or how Senator Ted Kennedy successfully led the efforts to block the very-qualified Robert Bork and nearly derailed Clarence Thomas? And, of course, thanks to the now-Democrat Arlen Specter, filibustering’s off the table. Makes you wonder about the timing.

Judge Souter, good riddance and no thanks to you, the Second Amendment still allows me a firearm to protect myself while the country narrowly avoided the disaster that would’ve been the Al Gore Administration. With all due respect, please don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

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