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The NFL Draft: the world’s biggest crap shoot

Here are a few reasons why:

Joe Montana, arguably the game’s greatest quarterback (and this coming from myself, a staunch Dallas Cowboys fan) didn’t even get picked until the third round of the 1979 draft. Tom Brady, the New England Patriots quarterback, winner of three Super Bowls and future Hall of Famer, was a sixth-round draft pick!

Jeff George and Tim Couch, were both first-overall quarterbacks drafted, and both were washouts in the NFL.

The Lions took Andre Ware and Joey Harrington in the first round as quarterbacks. While Ware had a cannon for an arm (one person tells me Ware could throw from one endzone and put his pass through the goal post uprights in the other end zone), he lasted four seasons and had a completion percentage of 51.6% along with five TD passes and eight interceptions.  Harrington was drafted against the wishes of then Lions coach Marty Morninwheg, who felt he was completely wrong for Detroit’s offense. Well, Ware’s out of football and Harrington’s a third-stringer with the New Orleans Saints.

Then there are the guys like Penn State star Ki-Jana Carter, who was a first-round pick by the Cincinnati Bengals only to have what could’ve been a brilliant career derailed by knee injuries.

I also remember how the Green Bay Packers drafted Tony Mandarich instead of taking Barry Sanders (something that still makes my Green Bay Packer family members cringe and wonder “What if?”). Mandarich turned out to be a bust, but he now has a photography business and was even nice enough to return an e-mail I sent him about a year ago.

Still, looking today at the Dallas Cowboys (my favorite team), I keep wondering why they took Texas A&M quarterback Stephen McGee when they have many holes to fill on the offensive and defensive lines, secondary and wide receiver. Maybe there’s a method to the madness…

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