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Houston Astros’ woes, on the field and in the checkbook

Last night, the Astros scored two runs in a loss to the Milwaukee Brewers. Seems to me Houston’s bats are in the same cryogenic atmosphere that’s also the final resting place for Ted Williams. Yes, I know it’s much tougher in person, but all these other teams seem to be getting hits. One of these days, I suspect the Astros will be no-hit during batting practice.

Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle wrote a blog entry called Astros made only $17 million in ’08; my heart aches for Drayton, and it makes me wonder if Houston will have yet another offseason of dumping talent and bringing in mediocrity. You know, kind of like how after the 1988 season then-owner John McMullen decided to “save” money by letting the “old” Nolan Ryan go to the Texas Rangers while signing Jim Clancy. Ryan went on to pitch two more no-hitters, enter the Hall of Fame wearing a Rangers cap (which still churns me) while Clancy proved to be spectacularly mediocre with the Astros.

Then there have been men under McLane like Mike Hampton and Billy Wagner, traded away in their prime to save money.

Mr. McLane, PLEASE sell the team.

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