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My job search

I’ve cast out many lines and will cast out many more. There does appear to be a slight nibble; an editor says he’ll call me early next week to schedule a meeting to talk. I’ve posted on Monster, Career Builder, USAJOBS, and many other sites along with checking out others daily. I’ve even posted my info on Craig’s List, which has so far netted these kinds of results (presented exactly as e-mailed):

From Kirik Phillips at kp6004405@gmail.com: “Howde, Would it excite you if you got paid every time someone bought groceries at your local grocery store?  Find out how average.. everyday.. real people are spending only a few hours a week to make an extra $2359.28 a month.    Turn your wallet into a cash magnet with only a few hours a week. All you need.. is a little to
make a lot.. and a desire to be more.. For details.. tell us what number to call and when. Please Only 18 & up    We are anxious and waiting to help.”

From jessicaroth@consultant.com: “Hi,

I thought you might be interested in this site that will automatically
post your resume to over 85 major job bank sites and put your resume
in front of more than 1.5 million employers and recruiters.


Take Care!”

Needless to say, these went into my spam folder.

Some are those nebulous work-at-home schemes while some offer to let me post my resume where many employers can see it–but only if I pay a fee first.

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