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Congress allowing no skepticism of global warming

Very soon, perhaps during the typing of this blog posting, former vice president and near-president Al Gore is testifying before Congress at a global warming hearing.

Problem is, one noted critic of Gore’s and a skeptic of man-made global warming is not being allowed to testify. Lord Christopher Monckton says House Democrats have refused to let him speak.

Monckton said he had been invited but that–in his words–Gore “chickened out” and refused to let him speak.

Perhaps there is good reason for Gore to nix Monckton’s appearance: Monckton published what he believes are 35 errors in Gore’s Oscar-winning* documentary A Convenient Truth.

It is fair to note that while Monckton served as science advisor to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and while he’s done a lot of research and writing about science, he does not appear to have a degree in science (he studied journalism at Cambridge). But neither does Gore, who has a degree in government from Harvard but later dropped out of both divinity and law school.

What exactly is Mr. Gore afraid of? He was so willing to debate Ross Perot about NAFTA, but why does he consistently refuse to debate anyone on global warming?

*Yes, I know, a movie or actor winning an Oscar doesn’t really mean a whole lot. After all, Julia Roberts won an Oscar and this past Christmas, I saw a copy of the Oscar-winning movie American Beauty in the $5 bargain bin at Wal-Mart.

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