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Just wondering…

…Do the Detroit Lions really plan to draft Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford? After all, they have huge holes to fill on the offensive and defensive lines and in the secondary, and Daunte Culpepper has looked pretty good in mini-camp so far. I think it would be better for a veteran to deal with any weaknesses in offense than a rookie. For the Lions fans’ sake, I hope Stafford doesn’t become the reincarnation of Andre Ware…

…Will American Idol survive if judge/cripple shooter* Simon Cowell leaves? I doubt it. In this voyeuristic society we live in, we love watching people get humiliated on television. Will the show be fun anymore with Cowell’s acerbic ways?

*I have been told by someone whose students have auditioned for the show that indeed terrible singers are misled to think they have talent when in fact they’re to go on there unwittingly for entertainment value only…

…Wow, has it really been 25 years ago since two epic events in American pop culture? 1) The release of Red Dawn, the first PG-13 movies (technically, according to IMDB, The Flamingo Kid was made first but sat on the shelf for several months; Red Dawn was released first). I remembered this after seeing a posting of it on blogger/movie reviewer Debbie Schlussel’s website. Wow, has it really been 25 years?! I remember this movie scared me when it first came out, and being an 11 year-old, I really didn’t kow what to think of PG-13. This new rating came about a little too late: my sister, Misti, and I went to see Poltergeist in 1982 at a movie theater in Alvin, Texas, and when we left, I asked Misti, “How did this movie get a PG rating?”

2) The release of Van Halen’s 1984 album, one of two VH albums that has sold more than 10 million copies. I was 11 back in 1984 and remember it very well. I remember the spring of that year the 1984 album was the album to have in school. For any Van Halen fans out there, can you tell me what the cover art is supposed to mean? I don’t mind abstract or surreal imagery, but this one puzzles me…


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