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Blogging about sports

I might be doing that here for the time being as well. I had been blogging at one site, but when I’d type the screen would fade to one of those absolutely annoying advertisements. You know me–a restless person who absolutely hates being halted. So, here it goes:

…Thanks for the memories, Curt Schilling. My only regret about your career is that when you pitched for the Houston Astros, you had to deal with inept ownership. If not for the hapless ways of the late John McMullen, Houston might have a World Series title. But then, if you had stayed in Houston, you probably would’ve fallen under the Nolan Ryan curse: lots of strikeouts, low ERA but terrible win/loss record due to no run support. Thank you for helping the Red Sox end their curse…

…Houston Astros manager Cecil Cooper said recently the Astros would win 90 games this season. I say Cooper is one heck of an optimist.

Yes, maybe the ‘Stros will surprise us all. They have some solid veterans, but I worry about their bullpen, their starters and their hitting. Seems like the best remedy for a pitching slump the past few years in baseball is to pitch against someone wearing an Astros uniform.

Or maybe Houston figures they can blind opponents with their ugly uniforms…

…Jim Rice’s Hall of Fame induction is horribly overdue. I don’t understand how Rice squeaked in in the final year of eligibility while the very-overrated Ozzie Smith gets in easily in his first year. Congrats, Mr. Rice. You deserve it.

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