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Responding to reader comments

One thing I’ve learned in my adult life is knowing when it’s appropriate to responde to reader feedback and when it’s not. I remember having an acerbic exchange with the fan of a country music star; the fan was upset about my singling out her hero, who’d been arrested for DWI. She accused me of self-righteousness. What’s sad is the column focused on Jacqui Saburido, who received horrible burns resulting from being hit by a drunk driver. The star was mentioned in passing, but that’s what her angry letter to me focused on.

There are also those who’ve taken issue with my criticism of Sean Penn (who, to paraphrase columnist/blogger/attorney Debbie Schlussel, is showing more and more each day he wasn’t doing much acting when playing Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times At Ridgemont High) and President Obama.  One reader even told me I was gay, which was as laughable as it was beneath contempt. In retrospect, I regret responding to his diatribe.

More recently, a reader was upset about a column of mine where I encouraged people to study Asian languages. As I read this letter writer, all I could think was that their reasoning was so jumbled and so confined that it simply wasn’t worth my time to respond.

Isn’t that the way to irk someone the most–by ignoring them?

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