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Not looking forward to the baseball season

I’m not sure if I’ll watch Major League Baseball this season. First and perhaps least important, the Houston Astros once again look like they’ll play as bad as they look. Owner Drayton McLane seems content to scotch-tape a team together rather than invest in talent. Why he let surprisingly-successful lefthander Randy Wolf go for aging southpaw Mike Hampton is beyond me. Remember, Hampton’s the same hurler McLane traded several years ago because a) Hampton was about to become a free agent and b) McLane didn’t want to pay him what he was worth. And, yes, Houston’s black, burnt reddish-orange and sand railroad uniforms are hideous. I’d like to see Houston return to the blue-and-orange sixties shooting star logo. After all, isn’t the team called the Astros? (The nickname is short for Astronaut and comes from the Greek word for star).Second, I wonder if MLB will ever recover from the steroid problem. Golden Boy and former Madonna Boy Toy Alex Rodriguez has now admitted he was juiced earlier this decade. Commissioner Bud Selig has consistently maintained a “hear no evil, see no evil” approach to performance-enhancing drugs. Why not just start over by giving Roger Maris back the single-season home run record and Hank Aaron the all-time home run record?

Honestly, if I ever fell into a five-year coma, I wouldn’t be surprised to wake up and find Vince McMahon is now the baseball commissioner.

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