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Richard covers a rock concert

Yes, in some ways I’ve had a dull life. Last night was only the second rock concert I’ve attended in my nearly-36 years on this planet. The first one was around 1989 in Beeville, Texas when a cover band called The Edge (not to be confused with U2 lead guitarist) came and performed. They did quite well.

Last night at Oxford High School, I attended a Battle of the Bands event featuring Half Empty and Corrupt Within (both are on Myspace) along with Steel Rose and Fairledge.

I plan to write more about the event in an upcoming news article and column for the local paper, but I will say this: I was really impressed by the musical talent and by the way many of the kids conducted themselves. I was setting up to get shots of the “death metal”* band Corrupt Within when lots of their fans moved to the center seats in front to, well, rapidly nod their heads. I’m not sure of the significance is, since, as you see from my profile, I’m not familiar with heavy metal (example: I originally thought Lamb of God was a Gospel group one might expect to tour Baptist churches). Anyway, one of the young ladies came up to a seat where my jacket was and asked me, “May I sit here?” She couldn’t have been more polite, and once I obliged, she commenced to rocking her “noggin”.
Overall, I was amazed by Corrupt Within’s lead guitarist and their drummer and Half Empty’s lead guitarist and stage presence. The two Jameses and Justin all know how to work a crowd.

*Honestly, when I first heard the term “death metal” I thought it was referring to the poisonous metals like mercury and lead. I’m just not with it. 😀

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