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Post-inauguration thoughts

I read over President Obama’s speech and listened to part of his address as I drove out on an assignment. His speech sounded very flat and rambling. He sounded apprehensive, as if he was trying very hard not to sound nervous. Makes me wonder if his teleprompter quit working. Again.

Where was all this passionate rhetoric I heard during the campaign? Also, what amazed me is the lack of applause: I expected something like the State of the Union where the president’s party members in Congress bore us at home by applauding every single sentence. Hardly any applause in what I heard.

It really makes you wonder when the honeymoon will end and if it’ll be replaced by a raging hangover.

Wow, amazing how classy Obama’s supporters were with now-former President Bush, jeering him. Isn’t it amazing that the same people who insist we should give the new president a chance never seemed even remotely willing to do the same?

I was bewildered how the normally-unflappable Obama stumbled out of the gate while taking the oath; it makes me wonder if this is going to foreshadow the next four years…

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