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Being “nice” to President Obama

I’m posting this in case it didn’t run in the Beeville Bee-Picayune. The idea behind this is somewhat of a joke: my real thoughts are crossed out…

Every so often, I receive complaints about being too conservative and too negative. In a tiny way, I can relate: after all, with the exception of the Pontiac, Mich.-based The Oakland Press, most major newspapers here in Michigan lean heavily towards the left. A few think I’ve been too harsh on President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama (a name used when—heaven help us—he took the oath of office earlier today). You’ll have to pardon me: Obama seems lost without a teleprompter and seems more content on doing what’s popular than what’s right. Being positive about him is as challenging for me as it is for others to obtain a copy of his real birth certificate.

Be that as it may, now I shall try to write something positive about Obama—something few media outlets were willing to do for President George W. Bush. Here goes…

When I look at Nobama Obama, I see dreadful inexperience youth and energy. Under his socialist regime administration, America’s foreign policy will be one of kissing up to the world at the expense of American security and sovereignty warm friendships and transitioning into a new era. Nobama’s Obama’s economic policies are to be beneficial, as long as he curtails new spending and doesn’t levy more taxes that will kill job growth.

I’m not too worried about Obama meeting with rogue dictators like Kim Jong-Il, Raul Castro and Hugo Chavez. I’m also terrified not bothered by Obama’s naïve willingness to meet with Iranian madman Mahmoud Ah-Mad Ahmadinejad. After all, Ahmadinejad freely advocates the destruction of Israel and refuses to recognize it as a country is a very passionate man. So what if he denies the Holocaust took place? Big deal!

Meeting with these leaders will be like sending a newborn Chihuahua up against an angry, hungry Rottweiler give Obama the on-the-job experience he desperately needs.

So much is made on the radio of Obama’s former pastor is he really former? Jeremiah Wright saying, “Not God bless America, God [expletive] America!” Wright’s comments show he’s a raving lunatic unworthy to be called “reverend” were simply taken out of context. After all, Obama has already distanced himself from Wright and has publicly criticized him. Why hasn’t anyone pressed him and asked why it took him 20 years of being under Wright’s guidance to do so?

It’s so nice to see our media for a change write so positively about a political figure instead of being negative all the time, like those mean right-wingers who write for the Bee-Picayune. After all, isn’t it refreshing to see reporters being kind to Obama and kissing up to him the way Ahmad Rashad used to do when doing his usual softball interviews with Michael Jordan writing glowing articles brimming with optimism?

For many, seeing Obama become our president is a dream come true. I see it as a nightmare from which I hope to wake up from in 2012 dream also.

So now, we can sit back and take a deep breath and let it out and contain our disappointment count our lucky stars that Alaska governor Sarah Palin didn’t get elected vice president. After all, being vice president is a position far too important to leave to someone inexperienced, isn’t it?

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