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Catching up on news

Sorry it’s been a few days since I last blogged. Very busy with an urgent freelance assignment. Actually two: one for a recreation magazine and one I’m doing on the “Day the Music Died”. So, here are some rapid takes:

* Why does the world ignore it when Hamas attacks Israel but then call for a ceasefire when Israel strikes back?

* Why are many bent out of shape over the possibility of “Senator” Burris? Considering how Governor Blago was caught on tape trying to sell the senate seat, how do we know Burris didn’t buy it? Should Blago really be allowed to appoint after what he’s done?

* If Al Franken won Minnesota fair and square (which I don’t think he did), why are there counties with more ballots than registered voters? Methinks Franken’s counting until he gets the results he wants. As for Franken, I’ve tried to listen to his show and read his books. Can’t. For me, it was a bizarre mixture of anger and boredom.

* I watched some of The Dark Knight. Sorry, but Heath Ledger’s performance is wholly unimpressive–i.e., not worth all the hype. He’ll win the Oscar, of course, because it’s a popularity contest. Congrats, Heath; even in death you’re making me a huge indie fan.

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