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Saddam Hussein and Muntazer al-Saidi

I saw an editorial cartoon today, one that should be required reading for Muntazer al-Saidi. al-Saidi, you may recall, was the Iraqi journalist who earned his 15 minutes of fame by throwing his shoes at President Bush during a recent press conference. al-Saidi missed on both of his throws, all but guaranteeing he’ll be offered a contract to pitch for the Houston Astros (my favorite team).

The cartoon shows the lower half (from the waist down) of a man hanging. He is wearing a suit jacket, pants and shoes. Two men, one wearing a suit and the other the now-dead former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, are observing his body.

Caption says “The Shoe Thrower”.

The man next to Hussein says, “But he still has both shoes.”

Hussein replies, “I could tell he was thinking about throwing a shoe.”

al-Saidi throws shoes at Bush and is still alive. The man in this cartoon is executed before he had the ability to do the same to Hussein.

Something to think long and hard about, Muntazer al-Saidi.

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