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Auto loan fails

I read and heard lots of stories about how United Auto Workers and Ron Gettelfinger were angry at the evil Republicans who voted against the $15 billion loan to automakers.

My fellow journalists, would it be asking too much to try to at least pretend to be impartial and give the senators a few sentences to give their side?

I was reading of one senator who made a broad statement about how the bill was “poorly-worded” and that he was concerned about the long-term effects.

How funny it was to hear Gettelfinger bloviate at a press conference. Yes, the management at the Big Three has made some incredibly-stupid mistakes. One family member tells me they don’t listen to those on the floor who could give so much input on how to improve things. But that doesn’t change the fact that the Union is hardly innocent in this debacle. How much more money would the automakers have if they weren’t paying $35 per hour for workers who don’t do anything? That adds up, folks.

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