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Why so negative?

I’ve been asked this by a few people: why are you so negative towards Barack Obama? Why are you critical of liberals?

Mind you, these complaints no doubt come from the same people who chanted things like “Bush Lied, Soldiers Died”, “He’s not my president” and “He stole the election!”. I’ve always found it ironic that the same people who will endlessly trash President Reagan or Bush suddenly now insist that we support Barack Obama, like they wanted us to support Bill Clinton.

Of course, it depends on how exactly you define “support”.

If you mean pray for him that God will guide him in wise directions, absolutely.

If you mean pray for his safety that God would protect him from an assassin’s bullet, absolutely.

If you mean pray for him to be strengthened and encouraged during tough times, absolutely.

But if you mean stand buy and back him when he tries to promote liberal, socialist, godless ideas, then that’s where my support ends.

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