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Axl Rose is angry with Dr Pepper…

…because Dr Pepper (which I like) hasn’t quite delivered on its promise to give everyone in America a free drink if Guns N’ Roses released its long-delayed Chinese Democracy album this year. Axl Rose, notorious for his perfectionist style and for the album’s many delays, shocked the company by releasing the album last Sunday. I’m guessing the soda company was caught off guard and honestly thought the album would not be released this year.

Frankly, I think Rose has far bigger fish to fry than to worry about everybody in America becoming a Pepper. CD took more than a decade to produce, record, mix and master and cost somewhere around $14 million. Best Buy is the exclusive retailer for this new album, and right now, you can buy it at their website for $11.99.

If the album did cost $14 million to make and market, how many copies would have to be sold through Best Buy’s retail price to break even? More than 1.1 million.

Have I bought it? No. Guns N’ Roses’ style was never one I cared for, much less the hedonism. The only song of their’s I’ve ever really liked was November Rain.

Have heard rumors that Rose heard some songs on the radio, didn’t like what he heard and ordered the new album recalled…

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