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Had a scary drive home last night

Had a decent amount of snowfall and snow on the road. Many places seemed extremely icy. In fact, I skidded a few times. Was only driving about 25 mph, so stopping wasn’t too difficult. Still, I was very nervous. I think I had a kung-fu grip on the steering wheel the whole way home. Did a lot of praying.

I passed one accident, at the corner of Millington Road and M-24 in the northern part of Michigan’s Lapeer County. Amazes me how some people still drive fast even with these driving conditions.

There’s one stretch of road on Millington Road that always makes me nervous this time of year. It’s a curving slope just west of North Lake Road. When I drive down it, I’m always afraid I’m going to lose control and plunge right into a ditch. And when driving up, I am nervous that I won’t drive fast enough and that the car will skid down again.

I think part of the problem stems from Millington Road not being a common thoroughfare. For the time being, to get to work I will likely take M-15 to Davison, then take Davison Road to Lapeer and then M-24 to Oxford.

Yes, when I am making a decent living and can afford a decent car with great tires, I will be a lot more welcoming towards winter. I remember a few years ago driving home during a white out and being scared to death. Then there was the time I tried to drive to work in a heavy snowstorm, wound up in a ditch and had to return home.

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