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Tax breaks for companies

Much has been said about polticians who give tax breaks to companies that outsource jobs. Has it ever occurred to these politicians that the reason why so many companies outsource is because the revenue that could be used to pay the salaries of American workers are being lost through high taxes?

Frankly, I find the commercials to be disingenuous. We can’t make a business-hostile environment in this country and then wonder why so many countries go to extreme measures to keep afloat. Yes, there’s corporate greed, but I have to think that many of the companies are simply trying to survive.

How fun it is to have called companies like AOL and get a customer service representative who speaks English with such a thick accent it’s almost like they can’t speak English at all. Sorry, but when it comes to finances, I’d rather not put my money in the hands of outsourced employees.

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  1. November 2, 2008 at 3:22 pm

    Hi Richard,
    Bob A. here. I am certainly no economist and am often wrong but I personally would like to see all tax credits, tax breaks, tax incentives stopped, the IRS abolished and go to a consumption tax. If done correctly I don’t think it would do what it’s opponents say. If prices fell to reflect the lower costs due to no tax, even a fairly high consumption tax may not put anyone paying as much as they now do. Enjoyed browsing your site and will add it to my blogroll. This is my first visit but will not be my last. I am in agreement with so much of your points of view.
    Bob A.

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