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Wondering what Tuesday holds

For the past few years, the writer’s market has been very thin. Especially in journalism, as newspapers make cutbacks. Trend right now seems to be in saving money by hiring younger, inexperienced writers. Sometimes it’s direct and other times it’s indirect. A few years ago, I interviewed for a journalism job, only to turn it down when I realized it was glorified minimum wage.

And if Barack Obama becomes our next president and carries through on his promise to raise taxes, I wonder how much more difficult it will be to earn a living as a writer. How many publications are owned by people that Nobama considers “rich”, people who like to reinvest their income into their business but will have to make further cutbacks because of higher taxes?

I keep thinking that Nobama reminds me of this television commercial with Brian Klugman, who played the kinky-haired scatter-brained Kirby on Frasier. It’s announced that when the owner of this Fortune 500 corporation goes on vacation, some young kid will act as temporary CEO. That young kid is Klugman, who says at the press conference, “Dude, I am SO psyched!”

The next scene you see is all the company’s stockholders contacting their stockbrokers and screaming the same thing: “SELL!”

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