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Politics and other stuff

…I listened to the second debate and caught bits and pieces of the third. To me, McCain wiped the floor with Obama in the town hall format and did a decent job in the third one. It boils down to experience. When I look at Nobama, I see a man who is far too consumed with doing what’s popular to be entrusted with America’s sovereignty and security.

While I’m not one to consider McCain the next Ronald Reagan, I don’t really see that difficult of a choice…

…Sean “Jeff Spicoli” Penn has made another trip to Venezuela to meet with wannabe dictator Hugo “Oogo” Chavez. I wonder if Penn bought a one-way ticket, or if he disappointed me with a round tripper…

…A few weeks ago, Sam Moore of Sam & Dave fame told Obama to quit using his song “Soul Man”. Finally. Glad to see a musician getting on Obama for once…

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