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This moderator stinks and other observations

He seems to let Nobama talk forever but yet constantly cuts off McCain. Finally, he tried to cut off Obama so that McCain could talk and then let Obama talk on for another 30 seconds to a minute.

I heard Nobama mumble “that’s not true” and it sounded like he mumbled “oh, please”.

Obama is indeed a good debater, but he needs to be careful. He seems to throw out wide bits of info…if they are proven to be false, then he’ll come across looking foolish. By this style he could end up hanging himself.

Obama seems to have a very simplistic view. Not a “simple solutions to complex problems”, but a view that things can be done quickly and easily. A view that suggests that Obama has no idea just how complicated the world really is. Wars take time. It took six years to defeat Adolf Hitler with all the allied countries righting. I suppose that if Obama had been a senator in those days, he would’ve been tapping his feet impatiently at D-Day, pointed out the drop zones missed and suggesting that we should try to negotiate with Hitler.

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