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Debate’s over–what do you think?

Early on, John McCain sounded pretty weak–typical of a man who’s notoriously not know for his public speaking or debating skills. But he was pretty steady as things progressed and took Barack Obama to task on Russia, the middle east and 9/11.

Nobama is clearly the better speaker and debater. But at times he sounded fairly patronising. At least once I heard him mumble “that’s not true”, and another time it sounded like “Oh brother”. He recited a lot of things, but it makes me think he’s just regurgitating what he rehearsed instead of really saying anything relative.

McCain failed to counter several things Nobama said that, frankly, I thought were extremely untruthful. I liked how McCain responded to Obama’s words on Henry Kissinger.

I’d say McCain had the slight edge at best. Otherwise, draw.

Can’t wait until the townhall debates.

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