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Budget and economic crisis

I can’t say I’m an expert on this. Between full-time writing, freelance writing and blogging, I haven’t had much time to follow it closely. When I drive home, I’m usually too mentally drained to follow politics except for delves into Laura Ingraham’s show. Still, some brief thoughts…

…the bailout seems like a Catch-22. We shouldn’t be providing a deus-ex-machina safety net for companies that aren’t being fiscally responsible, but what happens if we don’t? Another Great Depression? A deep recession?

$700 billion. Wow. That’s a lot of money–far more than what I’ll see in my lifetime. Is there a right answer, or is it more like an answer that’s less wrong than the other?

Democrats say it’s Bush’s fault, while Republicans counter it’s the Democrat’s tax and spend fault. Ayn Rand’s institute released a press release alleging that this crisis will result in even more government regulations that curtail free markets and business growth. We’ll see.

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