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Soccer–underappreciated in America

Took photos last week of Oxford, Michigan’s Oxford High School playing soccer against Lapeer West. Soccer’s actually an exciting sport to watch. Not to mention tough to photograph if you’re using a camera that’s not really designed for sports photography. Players always seemed to move the action to the opposite side of the field when I took photos.

Trying to use the camera’s zoom option to capture fast action far away is an experiment that ended in failure.

Still, after watching the game, I’ve thought of how comical it is that Jim Rome derides soccer as a non-sport while speaking fondly of golf. Yes, golf takes lots of skill and hard work, but soccer is far more exciting.

When it comes to MLS, I’d have to consider the Houston Dynamo, FC Dallas and Colorado Rapids. and possibly the Los Angeles Galaxy.

In Europe, I’d have to cheer for Jahn Regensburg since my German great-grandfather was from a little village outside Regensburg.

As far as England, where a big chunk of my ancestry comes from, I don’t have a team there that I follow. One branch of ancestors came from Kent. Any suggestions?

Call me fickle, but I like teams that wear bright colors. Royal blue. Scarlet red. Kelly green.

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