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Kitchen Nightmares

Yes, I happen to like this show. Always fascinating to see Gordon Ramsay visit dying restaurants and help them get back on the path towards culinary greatness and financial solvency. My favorite moments are when he samples the subpar cuisine, freaks out over the extremely unsanitary food storage conditions and gets into arguments with the managers and cooks.

Ramsay comes across to me as a man who’s passionate about food and compassionate towards those who genuinely want his help and are open to criticism.

On Hell’s Kitchen, he reminds me a lot of drill sergeants I had at basic training. It’s his way of trying to push people on his show to be their best…unlike Simon Cowell, who likes to shoot cripples.

Today’s older episode, Ramsay was working with an Italian restaurant that served little Italian food. I thought it was amusing that this Italian restaurant served dry, store-bought pasta and store-bought pies. I always thought real Italian restaurants made their pasta. Fresh. Daily.

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