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A few general questions I have going into the debates

These aren’t addressed individually to John McCain, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin or Joseph Biden. Just general questions:

1. Why should we increase taxes when our government isn’t responsible with the money it already takes in? Why should they get more in revenues when they waste billions each year and won’t make any cuts to programs that aren’t really needed?

2. Is leaving the Middle East really going to bring peace to that area? How do you explain the comments that many of these radicals want the entire world (including all of Israel) under Islamic rule?

3. Granted, both Obama and Palin could have more experience. But why should I believe that it’s better to have an underexperienced president than an underexperienced vice president?

4. How will the economy grow if we raise taxes and make America an even more business-unfriendly country and encourage even more businesses to save money and cut expenses by outsourcing jobs?

5. If Obama is elected and a conservative justice retires, will he look for a conservative to take their place or will he insist on someone who supports Roe versus Wade?

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