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Poker is NOT a sport. Sorry.

I’ve never understood why on earth poker is on ESPN. Sorry to disappoint those who never forget to wear their dark cop sunglasses when holding their hand, contemplating whether they can dupe an opponent into thinking they have a straight flush when they really have just a pair. After five minutes of laughing myself silly as these folks lost in deep concentration, I usually switch the channel to something more exciting. Like C-SPAN.

Poker involves no athleticism…why is it on ESPN? I’d rather watch chess. At least in chess you’re in more control over the game. The only thing random you deal with is your opponent’s move, and if you’re a good enough chess player, you can get a good idea of what move your opponent will make.

That being said, I’ve always thought it would be funny to take things a step further and spoof poker. I’d love to see someone play Texas Hold ‘Em on ESPN wearing a welder’s mask. This way, nobody can see their facial expressions.

I’ve told my wife that the next time I play Clue I plan to wear my sunglasses.

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