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Who’s really Mr. Irrelevant?

Conventional thinking would say Idaho outside linebacker David Vobora, taken by the St. Louis Rams in the very last pick of the 2008 NFL draft.

I beg to differ. To me, the real Mr. Irrelevant are the college athletes who didn’t get drafted. Some notable undraftees:

Sete Aulai, Center, BYU. Aulai weighs 300 pounds, but at just under 6’1” he’s very short. By today’s physical standards, too short.
Michael Butterworth, Offensive Tackle, Slippery Rock. At 6’7” and 334 pounds, Butterworth was one of the biggest people in the draft. I’m sure his 40 time of 5.719 was unimpressive; makes me wonder if a calendar was used to time him instead of a stopwatch. On the flip side, Butterworth was a multi-sport athlete in high school (including track and field) and in college earned academic awards.
Brady Leaf, Quarterback, Oregon. He stands just under 6’5” and runs a 4.889 40. But he’s also the younger brother of one of the biggest busts in NFL history. Yep—you guessed it—Ryan “Cryin’” Leaf.
Brad Roach, Quarterback, 6’6”, 249, Catawba. Slightly shorter than the draft’s tallest quarterback (Joe Flacco, whom the Baltimore Ravens drafted in the first round as a not-so-subtle lack of confidence gesture in Kyle Boller), Roach’s 40 time of 5.2 versus Flacco’s 4.86 screams lack of mobility. Having a surname like Roach would ensure that opposing fans will likely wear Orkin uniforms and scream “RAID!” whenever he walks onto the field. Roach’s biggest liability might be that question: where in the world is Catawba?
Weston Dressler, Wide Receiver, North Dakota. At just under 5’7”, Dressler was the shortest receiver in the class. His 4.5 40 doesn’t sound impressive when you consider he weighs only 160. He makes diminutive 5’10” cornerbacks seem very tall, which is probably why nobody drafted him.
Evan Moore, Wide Receiver, Stanford. Yes, his 6’6”, 233 pound frame makes him the biggest receiver in the draft, and his 4.74 time, considering his size, isn’t bad. However, he had injuries at college—including a dislocated hip that caused him to miss most of a season.

These and other undrafted players will now have to hope for a training camp invite to make an NFL squad. No worries: Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was undrafted.

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