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Will bygones be bygones for the Democratic party?

Understand that, for me, this question is merely one of curiosity since I’m not a democrat and don’t plan to vote for the Donkeys in November. Still, since it’s something I find fascinating.

As of this writing, it’s looking more and more like Barack Obama will get the Democratic nomination, I wonder if he and Hillary will be able to patch up their differences and move forward. Can the two let bygones be bygones or will they continue to quarrel? Any olive branch offered will likely show signs of wear and tear, especially when you consider how ugly things have been getting in the Texas primary.

Will Hillary ultimately endorse Obama? I suspect she will, especially if she sees that that is the most expedient path for her political future. Don’t expect too much gushing on her part, but rather the quick, curt endorsement Bill Bradley gave Al Gore in the 2000 presidential race. In that race, we remember, Bradley famously speculated in a primary debate, “Why should the American people believe Al Gore will tell the truth as president, if he doesn’t do it as a candidate?”

Second question: will Obama ask Hillary to be his running mate? With as ugly as things have gotten in the campaign, I doubt it. Besides, the Democrats have had a very anemic showing in the southern states for the past two elections, so it’s more likely that Obama will look for someone below the Mason-Dixon line.

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