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The latest in the 2008 elections

John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani have dropped out. I am suspecting more and more that Barack Obama will be the democratic nomination for the 2008 presidential race. He’s been gaining more momentum on Hillary Clinton, and he’s been picking up more endorsements. Perhaps the biggest thing that’s attractive about him—besides his potential for becoming America’s first real black president (author Toni Morrison once referred to Bill Clinton as “America’s first black president”), is his message of change. Can’t say I’m really convinced. Sounds like the same old, same old. One friend observed that if Obama were really able to implement all the government programs he wants, he’ll bankrupt our economy. Granted, we are already trillions of dollars in debt as it is.

On the GOP side, it will probably be either John McCain or Mitt Romney winning the nomination.

As for running mates, I get this sneaking feeling that the Democrats will go for a VP candidate from the South. Since 1996, the Democrats have done very poorly in the South: Al Gore lost his home state of Tennessee in 2000 and John Kerry lost running mate John Edwards’ home state of North Carolina in 2004. The Republicans, I suspect, will go with the South or perhaps a heavily-democratic state like California or New York.

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