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No sympathy for Michael Vick

I am waiting to hear what the excuses are for Michael Vick’s latest legal headache. The disgraced former Atlanta Falcons star has tested positive for marijuana. Keep in mind that not only is he awaiting sentencing in December on his guilty plea to federal dogfighting charges, but he also still faces state charges in Virginia as well. Prison time is all but certain, and Vick has probably played his last NFL game (or at least for the Falcons).

One blogger said that we should give Vick a break considering what all he’s been through lately. Nonsense. Vick brought this all on himself; he may very well had an NFL career left to salvage had he not initially lied to the commissioner Roger Goodell and to Falcons owner Arthur Blank about his involvement.

Let’s say Vick does two years in prison and then is done. Will he have a career in football? Even if the NFL allows teams to sign him, he’ll have to get into shape. Two years layoff of not dropping back and reading defenses will require the shaking off of a lot of rust. Every year, young, strong arms come out of college. My guess is that Vick may wind up in the Arena Football League or maybe even the Canadian Football League.

If it’s stress Vick needs to release, there are plenty of ways to do it without getting high.

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